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Sedgemoor is a local government district of Somerset. The district is a low lying area of land close to sea level between the Quantock and Mendip hills and is historically known as being largely marsh (or moor) and contains the bulk of the area also known as the Somerset Levels.

The district was formed on April 1 1974 under the Local Government Act 1972, by a merger of the municipal borough of Bridgwater, the Burnham-on-Sea urban district, Bridgwater Rural District and part of Axbridge Rural District.

Sedgemoor contains a mixture of small towns and rural villages and the landscape includes seaside resorts, hills, the historic Somerset Levels and the steep limestone escarpment that is known as Cheddar Gorge.

Sedgemoor’s population is 105,881 (census 2001), of which 98.9% are classed as White, 0.3% South Asian, 0.1% Afro-Caribbean and 0.1% either Chinese or other. The largest ethnic group is mixed White and Asian, who make up 0.2% of the population.

Sedgemoor Council is currently under Conservative control (seat distribution: Conservative 35 / Labour 11 / Liberal Democrat 4).

Sedgemoor’s aim is to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination; promote equality of opportunity and promote good relations between different racial groups. The council’s Race Equality Scheme proposes how the council aims to fulfil the commitment imposed on them by statutory duties.

The council used the Commission for Racial Equalities guidance and assessment grids to develop a scoring system, which was used to work out how their functions and policies are relevant to race equality and what priorities should be taken in the council’s Race Equality Scheme

The council’s main objectives are to:
• Make sure the Race Equality Scheme is put into practice.
• Identify functions and policies.
• Assess and consult on the likely impact of proposed policies.
• Publish the results of the assessments, consultations and monitoring.
• Train staff
• Monitor employment and ensure equal access

The Chief Executive has overall responsibility for the RES, but works closely with the senior management team to oversee it. The general coordination of the running of the scheme lies with the Head of Personnel, Performance and Contract Management.

Sedgemoor does not mean "sedge moor", but instead means "marsh of a man called Sicga", which is taken from the Old Norse personal name Sicga and Old English mor "moor". The name was recorded as Secgamere in 1165.

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